Voice Acting for Vtubers | Azman Zulkiply

Azman Zulkiply Voice Acting Mentorship, in its partnership with MyHolo TV, is kicking off with its first ever Voice Acting for VTuber Class. One of Azman’s students is now a successful VTuber with MyHolo TV, Liliana Vampaia.

This class will cover techniques to find the voice of your avatar and ways to sustain it before going into performance exercises to iron out your avatar’s personalities and behaviours. The class’ main segment would be its acting sessions where students are required to improv scenes with each other, performing as their respective avatars.

This will be a three-day class and it will be in English. Due to the challenging time the world is facing right now, and with everyone’s safety in mind; the class will be conducted online.

There are TWO batches to this class, and you can choose to attend either one:
First batch: June 3rd – June 5th 2021, 10am to 5pm.
Second batch: June 17th – June 19th 2021, 10am to 5pm.

This class is worth RM400, and it’s now at a LOCKDOWN PROMO at RM300!
Registration closes on June 1st 2021.

Registration and Enquiry at If you already are a practicing VTuber, do include your voice reel and an image of your avatar.

See you there!